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Wishbones For Pets

Wishbones For Pets is a charitable program designed for pet sitters to collect and distribute pet goods and funds to local pet shelters and other pet related agencies in their own community. The program was established in October 2004 by Janet Depathy of Under My Wings Pet Sitting in Plymouth Massachusetts. The program runs each year during the six weeks prior to Thanksgiving.

This year we are collecting pet goods and funds for the homeless animals at Last Hope, Inc..

Last Hope, Inc., has been a registered non-profit organization since 1985 dedicated to saving abandoned, unwanted and helpless dogs and cats.

Until permanently adopted, their animals stay in their volunteer's homes and receive foster care. The volunteers care for sick or injured animals until they are fully recovered. Animals are not placed in permanent homes until they have recovered and are in good health.

Last Hope does not believe in destruction of healthy pets. Only animals suffering from incurable illness or injury are humanely euthanized.

Last Hope, Inc. Wish List Monetary Support: Cash, Check, Giftcards, and Paypal donations are also very much appreciated! If you donate through Paypal with the link below, please comment that your donation is through the Wishbones for Pets fund raiser.

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Thank you for helping to make a brighter Thanksgiving for the homeless animals in need at Last Hope, Inc. A No-Kill Companion Pet Rescue!